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Life is like Dancing and Traveling

Posted by on Dec 15, 2015 in Dance, Travel |

There are so many ways for you to be able to express your mood, but for me, I would rather express it through dancing. Dancing is like my drug, and I am addicted to it. Dancing is such a beautiful thing that happened to my life. As I practice dancing, there are a lot of times that I failed to do such complicated moves and tricks. Twisting your body is not that easy, but it is one that challenges me the most in dancing. In life, there are a lot of times that you also fail, but if you do really love what you are doing, you should be more challenged every time you fall. Me, I love being challenged. I love to do extreme things that give me chill. I like being excited, and dancing makes my heart pound as fast as it can. It makes me feel alive every time and that is what makes me like dancing.


Dancing has been my daily exercise. It keeps my body healthy. With every sweat that I make, the more fun that it gets. I also spend time listening to music that makes me feel like kicking, a kind of music that awakens the person deep within me. We all have different kinds of hobby and dancing is mine. It’s not like I have chosen that habit, but it seems more to be the one who has chosen me. It is the one that calls me. And I surrender to it. It is like another way to skip reality. Every time that I am dancing, I can feel life. And as I close my eyes while I am dancing, I feel more likely to be different, a unique one. Though all I see is darkness when closing my eyes, all I feel is totally unusual. It’s like I can taste all the colors of a rainbow.


As I take my journey through life, I also love taking journeys into different places. I love meeting different people, experiencing different cultures and exploring new things in every place. Traveling has been my second way to feel life. Traveling is the best way to relax and take a quality time for you. It can help you think more of so many things out from the stress that you have been having recently. Traveling is a good way to exhale stress and inhale good vibes and that is why I also love traveling. We are given the best places in the world for us to explore and experience and that is what I am doing. I love to appreciate nature the way it appreciates us being humans. Traveling for me is like traveling into time, since in every place you will be into is like another time of your life wherein all you have to do is just accept it and enjoy all of the happiness it can bring. Traveling is the best way to see life’s greatest wonders for me.

Dancing Plus Traveling Equals Happiness

Posted by on Dec 15, 2015 in Dance, Travel |

I do really love dancing, and I am into traveling, as well. Dancing has been my passion, and traveling is also the best way for me to enjoy myself. In dancing, I can express my emotions. Dancing has been an art that I fell in love with. There are a lot of things that made me fall in love with it, and one of them is to dance with the music. Dancing with the music really helps me a lot to show who I am. As the music plays, I can feel the rhythm flowing all through my veins.Euro_Dance_Festival

Dancing makes me feel better all the time. It helps me express all of the things that I wanted to say but just can’t. Dancing has been in my soul. I can say that dancing is my best buddy. It’s like it’s not just an activity where you just go ahead and throw your hands up there and kick your feet right here, but it is more about art for me, a very unique art wherein you can jump away from all of your sorrows. Bend your body to dodge all of the fears and doubts, just like bending your body on the Matrix scenes, which makes it cool.

In my everyday life, I also love to watch people dancing on the internet. Their ways of dancing make me feel challenged. People I see who have some potential in dancing make my body feel like dancing. I mostly imagine dancing in front of them and showcasing my talent too.

dance-ratha-yatra-festival-india_69814_990x742It’s a fun thing that I mostly do whenever I am somewhere wherein dancing is prohibited. Dancing is a crazy thing that I really love to do. It has been my habit, and I guess it would really be a hard habit to break for me. Without dancing, my everyday life would be a mess, I think.

Though dancing has been the thing that defines me as being me, I also love travelling. Travelling around is one of the best ways to relax, to give time to yourself to inhale some fresh new air. As I travel to different places, I also learned to accept life’s reality. As I met different people in every place, I learned to appreciate life’s precious gift, and that is the present. Being in different places has been so exciting. It is like you are getting yourself into a new world wherein you have to discover different things that you haven’t tried yet.


Travelling helps me to understand how precious time is. We are all busy with all our daily tasks in our jobs that we sometimes forget to give our time to pause. We tend to forget how precious time is. We are not robots that are born just to do all of those office tasks so you should really not allow yourself to be consumed by it. Time is precious for me and that is why I prefer to go into different places to achieve a quality time of my own.

Importance of Dancing and Travelling

Posted by on Dec 15, 2015 in Dance, Travel |

There are many things that we can do in this beautiful world, and one of the most interesting things to do is to enjoy our self, either in doing those things that we like to do, or to perform and enhance our inborn talent. This is only normal, knowing that as humans we like to feel the satisfaction, as we are living in this world, and we can only achieve it once we can feel the happiness once we are doing that certain activity. If you are a type of person that loves to dance and also to travel, then you must know the importance of dancing and travelling.


Beside from enjoyment, it is also important that you can benefit from what you are doing, knowing that this can help you to live longer in this world. The importance of dancing and travelling that I am going to provide you in order to guide you in your journey is related to my experience and hobby that I am doing, since I decided to start this kind of journey because I know that it makes me complete. Based on my experience, the importance of dancing is that it gives you the opportunity to perform your best, and while you are executing it, you can also achieve the healthy lifestyle that most of us want to get. Beside from it, you can also express your feelings once you are doing it, and this is the most important thing that you can get once you will start to engage in it.


Travelling is also my past time, and I have travelled different places that give me the ultimate experience that I cannot forget because this experience is totally amazing knowing that I have visited the beautiful places that I always dreamed of traveling. And the importance that you can get once you decide to become part of this kind of journey is that you can make sure that you will be satisfied, especially if in the first place you really want to go in that certain place. Satisfaction is the most important achievement that you can get, especially in living in this world, because once you are satisfied already meaning you are happy and this kind of feeling is the treasure that no one can steal from us. Experiencing this kind of activity is also once in a lifetime that you can surely enjoy and can also release your bad emotions.

Once you want to achieve the satisfaction in your life, then it is your time to face the reality behind the talent that you possess, and you should use it so you can obtain the experience that can make your life satisfied. I am a kind of person that didn’t think all the hindrances that I will be facing as I execute the activity that I really want to do, because I know that there are no hindrances that can stop me from doing these things knowing that I have the willingness to all the necessary actions just to get what I want, therefore if you are like me then don’t fear anything so you can obtain your dream.

The Best Thing About Travel and Dance

Posted by on Dec 15, 2015 in Dance, Travel |

We have different talents that we can be proud of ourselves, especially if this talent will bring us the happiness that we really want to achieve as we are living in this beautiful world. In terms of talent, I am also gifted with it, and it already brings me plenty of memories, especially from where I started to these current days. Besides from dancing, I also like to travel, as it gives me the satisfaction that I want, and also this hobby is very amazing because I have met different people as I traveled.


Because of these personalities, I have plenty of experiences that I treasure, and also would like to share with everyone that also likes to take this kind of journey. If you are one of the people that wants to experience this kind of amazing journey, then knowing the best thing about travel and dance will surely help you to decide whether you will continue to reach your dream or not. But I will make sure that after, you will know the best things about these two that you will surely take this journey because of the benefits that you can gain with it. The best thing that you can get in dancing is that you will surely enjoy it as you are doing it and also you can experience the happiness while achieving the healthy lifestyle as dancing can help our body to become healthy.


You can get a healthy body once you start this kind of hobby because once we execute the process of dancing we need to use our entire body in order to create beautiful moves that we can consider as our favorite dancing moves, which we can also use if we will compete in different dancing competitions. And about travelling, the best that you can get from it is that you can experience the different beautiful sceneries in different countries that you would like to travel to, and also you can experience the different cultures that different countries have, which is a very amazing experience that you can surely treasure in your entire life. Beside from that experience, you can also enjoy it knowing that it can also help you to make your mind fresh or release your stress that you get from your work, especially if you are a hardworking person.


These things are my treasure, in which I really like to do in my entire life because it gives me the satisfaction, especially in the times that I am performing a dance move or I am travelling in different places that I really like to travel. If you are like me that want to enhance the given talent and would like to travel all the beautiful places then don’t hesitate to achieve it because once you will hesitate to do it then you will not get a chance to become satisfied of what you achieve as you are living in this world therefore if you don’t want to make it happen then do your best to do what you really like to do as you are living.
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